Our Store Covid-19 Procedures

      For all appointments

      1. We are operating on appointment only. All appointments must be booked through this website HERE
      2. Bride to bring only two star guests with her during the first appointment.
      3. Bridesmaids appointments; only the bride & one other bridesmaid allowed in the boutique at any given time to choose dresses.
      4. For all bridal fittings; the bride and one star guest are the only people permitted to attend this appointment.
      5. For all bridesmaids fittings; Only one bridesmaid and the bride are permitted to enter at a time.
      6. Every person that enters the store must sign a covid-19 disclaimer

      At your appointment

      1. On arrival of the store your temperature will be taken using a non-contact thermometer. If you show green we are keen to have you in. If you show red our advice is to go to bed and we’ll see you in fourteen days.
      2. During your appointment your star guests must remain seated unless they are assisting you in the changing room.
      3. Unfortunately, there will be no refreshments served at this time. You are more than welcome to bring your own bottle of water.
      4. There is hand sanitizer to be used on arrival using a non-touch dispenser.
      5. There are disposable gloves and mask for you to use. However our staff will be wearing a face visor and gloves throughout your appointment.
      6. Whilst browsing the range of dresses either the bridal consultant will pull them out to show you in more detail or if you would like to do this yourself your are required to wear the gloves provided.
      7. If one of your star guests is from your household they will be asked to assist you in the changing room. If not, the bridal consultant will lay the dress on the floor for you to put on and your bridal consultant will then fasten. Any tweaks i.e. pining/fitting will be done in the showroom to minimise contact.


      1. When making a card payment, our card machine has a customer not present function. Meaning the transaction can be processed without you handing over your card and not touching the keypad. This is to minimise contact.
      2. When paying cash as deposits, balances or alterations you will be asked to deposit it into a box. No change will be given so please have the correct amount.


      There will be an half hour gap between appointments to allow a through clean throughout the store. This will include all dresses, changing room, all surfaces, handles etc. Therefore we ask you to be mindful by arriving on time and not going over the allocated appointment time.

      Our in store Covid-19 Disclaimer

      View our in store Covid-19 Disclaimer which you are required to sign on your arrival HERE.

      Thank you for understanding

      We just want to say a huge thank you for understanding and agreeing to follow our covid-19 procedures.

      We pride ourselves on giving you a fantastic wedding dress buying experience.

      Even with all these procedures in place you will still a fantastic time with us.

      The This Is Me Bridal team xx