Diane Le Grand Wedding Dresses

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      Here at This Is Me Bridal we are proud to stock Diane Le Grand Wedding Dresses.

      We have sizes 10-34 in store for you to try on and love. Gather your tribe, book an appointment and try on our collection of Diane Le Grand’s wedding dresses.

      This is what Diane Le Grand has to say about their wedding dress range:

      Finding the perfect wedding dress to capture your personality isn’t always easy.

      Diane is the goddess of Femininity, Love and Intuition. These divine qualities are embodied by the wedding dresses of Diane Legrand.

      Whether you’ve been dreaming of your dress since you were a child or never thought about it until now, the glorious and dream-like gowns by Diane Legrand will inspire you.

      Let your inner Love and Beauty shine with Diane Legrand.

      Book your appointment today we promise you won’t be disappointed. Bring your tribe and enjoy your time with us as we can’t wait to meet you all!

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      Marilyn Monroe once said:

      “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle”.

      Like Marilyn we believe that every woman should be able to feel like a star.

      “Nova” is defined as “A sudden brightening of a previously inconspicuous star” and “Bella” means beautiful.

      The Novabella collection combines sensual style, attractive curves and timeless design making it incomparably glamorous.

      Diane Le Grands Core Features


      Modern Design

      Diane Legrand collections are a creative blend of eye catching elegance, timeless romance inspiration and the latest fashion trends.


      High Quality

      Our goal is to exceed the quality expectations of our customers and to bring our gorgeous wedding dresses to life, this commitment starts with highest-quality materials, perfect tailoring and craftsmanship.


      Unique shape

      Each one is absolutely unique! Wedding dresses created by Diane Legrand will reflect the beauty and uniqueness from the classical to the most unimaginable shapes.


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