First bridal appointment tips

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      Your Bridal journey starts here

      Whoop whoop! Your wedding journey starts now! We have put together some first bridal appointment tips for you to take a look at.


      You may be experiencing a flurry of different emotions at this moment in time. To name a few; anxious, excitement, scared, joy etc.

      Any good bridal boutique will ride the wave of emotions with you. Above all you happiness is the main goal.

      The end goal is to ensure your happiness in finding “The Dress”!

      Tip #1 Choosing your tribe

      Choosing your bride tribe top tips for your first bridal appointment

      In our honest opinion it’s vital that you choose your bridal buying tribe wisely.

      After all these are the people that are their to help you make huge decisions.

      Drawing from our 13 years of experience in the wedding industry we advise the following:

      • Have at least two members of your family as these are the people that know you the most and will tell you the god’s honest truth.
      • Bring at least one close friend (usually maid of honour). Your friend will back you up and put plenty of research into helping you find everything you’re looking for.

      Tip #2 Shop local

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      Most of our brides live local to our boutique. Therefore we are only a short distance away. With this said we do have brides that have travelled over 100 miles as we stocked the dress that they wanted.

      Our bridal boutique welcomes everyone from anywhere but we think if you can find your dream dress and bridal accessories local it’s a bonus.

      The benefits of a local bridal store:

      • If you have a large tribe it’s easier for you all to get too.
      • Help and advice is on your doorstep.
      • When it comes to trying your dress on for alterations you don’t need to organise big travel arrangements.
      • Collecting your dress is a breeze.

      Tip#3 Have a budget in mind

      tips for your first bridal appointment. A picture of your finace planning

      Before you start your bridal buying journey it’s a good idea to have some sort of budget in mind (total spend for your entire wedding day)

      Once you have put a figure to paper you then need to allocate budget to each part of your day e..g your wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, photography etc.

      With your budget in mind above all it’s important to let your bridal consultant know how much you are willing to spend.

      Keep head strong

      I can only really speak from the way we do things. Therefore if your max budget was say £1,200 for your wedding dress. In other words we would only show you dresses up to this figure.

      In some cases if you’ve not found your dream dress in the sub £1,200 figure we would then ask if you wanted to try a few dresses on that where slightly over budget e.g £1,400 – £1,500.

      For instance we would never pull out our most expensive dress off the rail and dangle it infront on your face knowing it would totally blow your budget out of the water.

      Tip#4 If you don’t love the vibe, then get out of there

      Now at this point you’ve already made a few google searches for local bridal shops in your area.

      It’s now time to make a few appointments in various stores. After that it’s time to try some dresses on. In my opinion first impressions is everything. For example at This Is Me Bridal your greeted with a huge smile .

      On your arrival if your not getting that instant happy wedding vibe then get yourself out of there. There is no point in wasting your time and the bridal consultants time.

      Within our wedding boutique it’s all about creating that wedding day buzz. Your not just another bride in fact you become part of the This Is Me Bridal family!

      Our aim is create a vibe that you instantly feel welcome in. Furthermore, we want to create bonds of trust. After all you are trusting us to deliver on one of the most important elements of your wedding day.

      Here are few interior photographs of our boutique:

      photograph showing the interior of This Is Me Bridal southport bridal shop. Illustrate the purpose of our first bridal appointment tips
      photograph showing the interior of This Is Me Bridal wedding dresses southport. Illustrate the purpose of our first bridal appointment tips
      bridesmaids section at this is me bridal. Illustrate the purpose of our first bridal appointment tips
      photograph showing the interior of This Is Me Bridal southport bridal shop. Illustrate the purpose of our first bridal appointment tips
      outside photographs of this is me bridal. Illustrate the purpose of our first bridal appointment tips

      Tip #4 Trust your bridal consultant

      Total guess here, but it’s probably the first time you’ve been in a bridal store.

      Once you enter the store your eyes are going to be everywhere. You’ll be drawn to so many dresses which in the same time exciting but it can become over whelming.

      Now is the time to listen to the bridal store consultant. In our bridal boutique we strongly believe every body shape and size is beautiful.

      Bridal Knowledge & Expertise

      A good bridal consultant will instantly know the style of dress that will look amazing on you as soon as they meet you.

      It’s so easy to pick out fifteen to twenty dresses that you’ll want to try on. This is where the bridal consultants experience comes into play.

      This is where your bridal consultant comes to help narrow them down and suggest which dresses to try on first.

      Hopefully you found our first bridal appointment tips useful.

      We would love to meet you

      If you need help or advice we are always here for you. Head over to our contact us page and get in touch!

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