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      The faces behind the number one Southport Bridal Shop “This Is Me Bridal”

      Our belief is that you should feel mega excited about your wedding dress buying experience.

      Over the years we have heard so many negative comments regarding the experience brides had received from other bridal shops.

      To name a few, some brides said that they were made to feel inferior and not welcome from the get go. Pushy sales was another hot topic.

      As a team, our goal is to make you feel welcome and special from the very start. Infact as soon as you open the door your greeted with a huge smile. We want our southport bridal shop to wrap around you like a big hug.

      We would love to meet you, head over to our contact page and make your appointment today.

      Faces behind the brand at our Southport Bridal Shop

      We thought it would be a great idea to give you insight into our lives. Plus tell you how we became bridal consultants.

      The purpose of this article is to show you that we are down to earth team. An that we strongly believe that every body shape and size is beautiful.

      Judgemental people should be shot at first sight. Harsh yes but true.

      We love you for who you are!!

      Your happiness is our importance

      We know it’s a huge thing to enter a bridal shop and within ten minutes of meeting each other, your now stripped down to your knickers.

      Our approach, makes you feel confident, you may have body insecurities but hey who doesn’t?

      We are here to make you feel happy and excited! Please remember that every body shape and size is beautiful, warts and all!

      Get to know us

      Sarah Alexander – Southport Bridal Shop Owner

      Shop Owner|Wife|Mum|Sister|Daughter|Friend

      Sarah Alexander wit her daughter chloe

      My name is Sarah and I am 38. I am blessed to have 2 gorgeous children Chloe and Charlie and married to my best friend Gav.

      I met Gav at Southport college 21 years ago. I’ve have had the most amazing experiences and times with him since then.

      I grew up in Thornton, Liverpool and had a lovely childhood, with my dad, mum and my two brothers. I was a daddy’s girl, loved being with him and followed him around like his shadow.

      Family is so important to me

      Sarah Alexander swimming in the pool with her family

      Family has always been the most important aspect of my life.

      I loved spending time with my grandparents when I was younger, especially my mums side as they had a pub.

      We used to go every weekend and I would help myself to Coke and crisps from behind the bar lol.

      Me and my brothers used to drive my grandma mad. She used to say we were eating all of her profits!

      School life

      Not everyone can say this but I loved school. I enjoyed the routine of school and learning. I suppose I was the girl that spoke to everyone whether they were in the popular group or not.

      I always felt I didn’t fit in with any particular group of girls, but enjoyed spending time with all of them.

      Bullies are everywhere and it doesn’t matter what age you are! During my school years I was bullied by boys. On the way home they used to push me into bushes, spit chewy into my hair etc.

      My dad always said it was because they fancied me but I never saw it that way. I would say I was always quite a plain person, I wasn’t one of the beautiful popular girls.

      In my last year of high school we moved to Formby to be nearer to my Nan and Grandad. This was such a difficult time for me. Moving in the middle of my GCSE years and having to cope with being the new girl! Also not knowing anyone.

      This year went so fast, I never really got to know any of the other girls properly or wasn’t apart of any particular group of girls. Anyway I got through high school came out with some good GCSE’s and went to College in Southport.

      College life

      I absolutely loved my years in college and met some of the most amazing people. I had one friend in particular Alison. She made me laugh every day! She didn’t care what people thought of her and I suppose this rubbed off on me.

      I became less worried what other people thought about me. I just enjoyed being me and became happier with who I was.

      I’m not materialistic

      Materialistic things no longer float my boat. During my younger years I had to have what everyone was wearing.

      It used to drive my mum crackers. My parents worked all the hours just to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. Then I would pipe up with wanting the latest trainers, coat whatever it was at the time.

      As I have got older I really appreciate what they went through in order to get me what I had asked for.

      My Hubby

      Sarah Alexander with her husband

      At college we started going out and enjoying the night life that Southport and Liverpool had to offer, it was fantastic. We used to go out in big groups and had the best times.

      At 17 I started going out with Gav. Who at that point would have thought that 21 years later we would still be together. I do have to say this was after he had dated nearly everyone else in the class!

      Gav very quickly became my rock, he built up confidence in me. After college I attending Edge Hill University in Ormskirk doing a Business Management Degree. Throughout all of my time from being 15 I worked. I realised quickly that if I wanted anything in life I had to work for it.

      My Employment

      My first job was a Saturday girl in Sattherwaites in Formby Village, I loved this job and meeting new people. From here I worked in Maryland Care Home in Formby. I thoroughly enjoyed this time looking after the elderly. This contributed to my kind and caring nature.

      I then moved to Tesco in Formby and started working on the checkouts. My time at Tesco was fantastic meeting some lovely people both customers and colleagues was great. I worked my way up and became a Checkout Team Leader and moved to the Southport store.

      Gav asked me to marry him

      Sarah Alexander on a day out with her family

      In 2005 my best friend asked me to marry him at Carden Park in Chester!! I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy and life seemed complete. I set about planning our wedding. Every Wednesday afternoon me and my mum would have a wedding afternoon and organised something else for the big day.

      The bridal shop dream

      I went shopping for my wedding dress with my mum and my grandma as I really valued their opinions.

      To be honest the whole experience was a nightmare. We wanted to find a dress close to home, so started to book appointments in Southport bridal shops.

      I have never felt so downhearted and beneath someone ever. Left feeling surprised by the whole experience. I thought this should be a truly lovely time for me, my mum and my grandma.

      It was at this point that I knew I could offer brides the experience they desired. With a moment in life that they would remember as a lovely time spent with their mums/friends etc.

      In January 2007, I left Tesco and started working in the wedding industry. I loved making brides feel special and enjoy the run up and excitement to their wedding.

      In May 2007, I married my best friend at Formby Hall Golf and Spa Resort in Formby. What a day!! From my mum waking me up in the morning. To getting ready and coming down the stairs to my dad’s reaction when he saw me in my dress for the first time. I hold all of these memories dearly.

      Las Vegas baby

      I was nervous about the wedding day, not because of Gav but I didn’t like being the centre of attention.

      I had the most amazing day surrounded by our family and friends. After the wedding we went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. Gav and I had the best time seeing all the sites and the shows.

      After our honeymoon life quickly changed, 6 weeks after our wedding my dad passed away from cancer.

      This whole two months from the wedding to the funeral was an absolute roller coaster of emotions.

      Losing my dad was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. It still affects me to this day.

      In between our honeymoon and my dad passing away. I found out I was pregnant too with our beautiful daughter Chloe.

      My dad was so made up he was told he had a year. So he would get to see his only grandchild. Unfortunately, he only lasted another two weeks after this and it changed my life forever.

      The importance of wedding photography & film

      One thought from our wedding day I would urge all of you to take onboard, photographs and video.

      After my dad passed away I received my wedding video and photographs from the day.

      These I will treasure forever. From the photographs I can see the love and emotion in my dad’s face. From the video I can hear his voice and see his mannerisms.

      I never really thought about it much before. Just that we would have some lovely pictures and a great video of memories of the day.

      Little did I know my wedding day would be my dads last party. Last pics and video footage of him.

      If your looking for a photographer and videographer I would highly recommend:

      Gavin Alexander for your photographs, he is my hubby so I am biased. He is amazing and captures all the emotions of the day. He’s a great guy to spend the day with.

      I can’t leave out his sidekick Dom over at Impressions Videography. What a team these two are. They will have you laughing and smiling all day long.


      Because I was pregnant I didn’t grieve for my dad properly. I became the rock for everyone else to talk to.

      My mum, my brothers, my nan, everyone turned to me for answers and support. I took on the role of looking after all of them.

      Since losing my dad I think it has made me a more compassionate person.

      I find that friends/neighbours and brides turn to me when they are going through hard times. Not that I know all the answers! But I do feel I have become a better listener, a sounding board if you like.

      Mother daughter relationship

      Sarah Alexander with her mum and husband

      There is only one positive thing that came out of my dad passing away and that was my mum became my best friend.

      I had obviously always loved her she was my mum. However, when my dad went our bond became stronger and stronger.

      In March 2008, I gave birth to our amazing little girl with my mum and my hubby by my side. My mum supported me and showed me the best way to be a mother. Quickly I had Chloe in a routine and I returned to work to keep giving brides the experience they deserved.

      I love being a mum

      Sarah Alexander with her family

      17 months later I had our beautiful boy Charlie, wow being a mum really is something else. I can only hope that every day I bring them up with the greatest respect for people and the value of family and friendships.

      I try to teach them about the value of money and that you have to work hard to get want you want out of life.

      Whenever we go out shopping etc or even just for a coffee. Charlie always goes to the bakery and buys sausage rolls with his dad to give to the homeless.

      Chloe is very headstrong and knows what she wants out of life at the age of 12 and Charlie aged 10 is so compassionate with a very dry sense of humour. He has us in stitches most days.

      Losing my nana

      In 2015 I lost my nana (my dads mum). I had cared for my nana since my dad passed away. Doing her shopping, painting her fences etc and just generally calling in for a brew and checking up on her.

      When I lost my nan. All of my grief for the loss of my dad and then my nan came to ahead. Completely out of the blue one day driving home from work and had my first ever panic attack.

      I didn’t know what was happening to me I felt like I couldn’t breath. Gav took me to the hospital. Thankfully they got it under control and since then I have suffered from a few attacks and anxiety.

      The pain

      When talking to doctors they believe its the grief I held in all that time for my dad. As I decided to take on the role to look after everyone else and held it all in. My anxiety was through the roof. I couldn’t even go to a supermarket without feeling the anxiety brewing up inside me.

      There are still certain situations I can feel anxious in and completely understand people’s nervousness and anxiety about shopping for their wedding dress.

      The birth of “This Is Me” Southport Bridal Shop

      southport bridal shop this is me bridal

      When thinking about the brand for our Southport Bridal shop. We really wanted to get across that we are for everyone.

      If you want to have an amazing experience and a memory to last a lifetime of buying your wedding dress. Then we are the Southport Bridal Shop for you.

      The team I have handpicked are just like me. They have each had experiences of their own which makes them who they are today.

      Getting the bridal shop ready in December was a challenge but special thanks to my Uncle Stephen, my little brother Rob and Gav. They were amazing at pulling it all together.

      leaflets used in our southport bridal shop

      Our Southport Bridal Shop Team

      We are a down to earth non-judgemental team of women. All we want is to put a smile on your face. Some days we’ll have our makeup and hair done and some days we won’t.

      We are just like you, beauty comes from within. We hope by helping you find the dress. We’ve helped to enhance your beauty from within and make you feel special for you big day.

      We haven’t exactly come from a sales background but we know what looks good and we are honest. If we don’t like a particular dress on you we will tell you. We will also tell you when you look amazing, although you will know this yourself.

      Over my 13 years in the bridal industry I have met so many brides that felt the way I did when I went wedding dress shopping 14 years ago. Downhearted, came out feeling not good enough. I’ve had brides tell me some of the most horrific experiences while bridal shopping.

      I want to make sure you have the best experience when you come to us at This Is Me Bridal.

      Madison Dunn – Bridal consultant in our Southport Bridal Shop

      Maddy and her son Joshua in the woods

      Hey lovelies I’m Maddy, I’m 23 years young, I’m a bridal consultant at Southport’s Bridal shop This Is Me Bridal.

      I’m a mummy to a beautiful ( yet sarcastic ) 4 going on 14 year old son Joshua.

      I am a sister to 4, and an aunty to 9, so it’s safe to say children have always been a part of my life.

      My mum single handed raised me. I consider my mum as my role model in life. She is, without a doubt, my best friend.

      She is the mould that holds our whole family together and I know without her I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

      My upbringing

      I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be a mum because of my upbringing.

      I knew I’d be a good mum. Joshua is, to put it bluntly all I ever seem to talk about. He is my best friend, my rock, the love of my life, my get up and go! Joshua drives me to do my absolute best in life. (Sometimes drives me to distraction too!)

      In high school all my friends had a bet on who would be pregnant first. I was always at the top of the list.

      Needless to say we were of course correct!

      My dad is not a part of my life. He is an alcoholic and unfortunately I witnessed a lot of things as a child that I now realise in later life affected me deeply.

      School life

      During primary and secondary school I saw school as an escape from this kind of home life. However I was easily distracted in school, I didn’t care for concentrating and I didn’t care about my grades either.

      A teacher at school, who I am still very close to now saw something in me and recognised my struggles.

      She knew what I enjoyed and how to get me to engage, and organised me going on a day release once per week to a local college, at just age 14.

      When I saw my own potential a flick switched for me and I completely turned my whole attitude towards learning around in just 2 years.

      School had predicted D’s in my GCSE’s and I came out with A’s and B’s.

      My life forever grateful to Mrs Randle. I enjoyed the day release to college at age 14 so much, it felt like freedom and independence.

      The college knew how good I was at my subject and gave me the knowledge I needed to obtain an apprenticeship when I left school.

      Tomboy engineer meets model

      During the apprenticeship, at around age 17, I also did part time modelling. I was a plus size model, I loved how amazing, confident and beautiful I felt doing shoots and going to all the high end events.

      The papers loved me, a Tom boy engineer AND a model… the headlines were beauty brains and brawn – teen model lives double life as a factory engineer.

      Student Life

      I loved it so much that I knew I wanted a piece of that pie! Literally!! I decided to retrain, I enrolled at university at age 18 for a BA Hons in Event Management.

      That is where my mad roller coaster life really changed…. 4 months into my degree, I found out I was pregnant with Joshua.

      I did the first year of university pregnant with terrible morning sickness, the second year with a 6 week old baby and the third year I graduated with a 2:1 degree holding my baby boy on the stage with me.

      Maddy and her Son on her graduation day

      I became a homeowner

      That is a memory I will cherish forever and a day. After university, Joshua and I became home owners at age 21.

      When they say “the universe knows what you need” you really have to believe them….. on moving day I pulled onto my brand new drive and was greeted by my next door neighbours Sarah and Gavin Alexander.

      I didn’t know how much I needed these two amazing people in my life, but the universe did. They’re not just neighbours to me, they’re family.

      Though Gavin hates that I’m the only person in the universe to call him Gavin not Gav, he wouldn’t have it any other way!

      My work background is corporate sales as part time work to get through university, nice holidays, becoming a homeowner etc…

      My dream job working in a Southport Bridal Shop

      maddy and her son joshua playing with leaves

      So imagine my surprise when Sarah asked me to model for her at the Liverpool wedding show on her stand – I hadn’t modelled for 4 years.

      As you can tell by this blog I’m quite a gabber and so LOVED the experience at the show, talking to brides, meeting brides, showing off dresses (which I openly admit I had no idea about at the time) but I’m an honest person, and I’d always tell someone if a dress didn’t look right on them, or if it looked totally, breath takingly unreal…

      We had girls getting undressed in the changing room on the stand, in disabled toilets… it was chaos, and I LOVED it!!

      At that exact moment I realised this was the job I wanted to do, it was the industry I felt so passionate about, it didn’t feel like a job at all, how could it?

      Sarah offered me a position within the Southport Bridal Shop team and the rest is history…….

      Working at This Is Me, Southport Bridal Shop

      The thing I love the most about This Is Me Bridal is there is not a single ounce of judgement.

      We are real, good, honest women working here. I am never ever in the boutique without a smile on my face or in mid laughing fit and that’s just me.

      The atmosphere of the shop, the people, and our brides is second to none.

      I wish I had the experience we offer to brides when I was getting married.

      Loving the fact that Sarah and Gavin built their business and branding around the fact that all women are different, and all should be embraced and recognised.

      We all have insecurities and at This Is Me Bridal, you’re not just another bride, you become part of the family, we will listen to you and help you get the look you desire.

      I can’t wait to meet you all,

      Maddy xxx

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      photograph showing the interior of This Is Me Bridal southport bridal shop
      southport bridal shop this is me bridal
      photograph showing the interior of This Is Me Bridal southport bridal shop
      photograph showing the interior of This Is Me Bridal southport bridal shop
      photograph showing the interior of This Is Me Bridal southport bridal shop
      Bridesmaids dresses at our southport bridal shop
      bridesmaids section at this is me bridal
      outside photographs of this is me bridal

      this is me bridal wedding dresses southport logo

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