Use our Southport wedding dress buying guide to kick start your wedding and bridesmaids dress buying journey.

      Buying everything online has fast became the norm. With next day delivery available on almost every product under the sun we can easily expect that this is the case for wedding and bridesmaids dresses.

      Getting your dress quick doesn’t ensure the quality of service and materials used.

      With the introduction of bargain outlets like Wed2B and buying from China websites, buying trends have changed. Depending on your budget and the level of service you require can affect your entire wedding dress buying journey.

      This is our Southport wedding dress buying guide. Obviously this guide applies throughout the UK

      Bargain priced outlets & online buying VS The personal service of an independent boutique

      Most brides like you have an ideal budget that you want to stick to.

      The trick is to find the right dress within your budget. The purpose of this blog post is to identify the best route for you to take.

      What’s more important to you?

      Do you want a magical and personal dress buying experience? Or would you prefer to turn up and buy off the rail?

      Is having an exclusive appointment important? Or would trying on dresses with other brides not bother you?

      What do you value more, quality of the material or price?

      Do you want to bring your tribe along and enjoy a glass of fizz and nibbles soaking up the atmosphere? Or would you prefer a more formal environment?

      Whilst you’re in the store do you want to try on shoes, veils and other bridal accessories? Or do you want to just purchase your dress?

      Do you want to buy and take away that day? Or would waiting up to sixteen weeks for your dress to arrive would be ok, knowing that your dress is carefully being made for you will take longer?

      Let’s talk wedding dress outlets

      If you’re looking for dresses in the lower end price point and you want your dress quick then store outlets are perfect for you.

      High stock levels

      Wedding dress outlets offer a huge collection of dresses as they stock vast amounts of off the peg dresses in a variety of sizes.

      Buying your wedding dress from an outlet lacks the magical and personal service. Most outlets don’t require an appointment. Yes you have fully trained one to one try on consultant offering help and advice but you and tribe can’t really kick back and fully enjoy the vibe.

      If trying your dress on along side other brides doesn’t bother you then outlet buying is perfect for you.

      Fast turn around time

      Theres no fizz or coffee although you can take your dress home with you that day. Most Outlets don’t offer an alteration service and you have to find one of your own.

      Online shopping option

      Fast delivery

      The bonus of online shopping for your wedding dress is that you don’t need to leave the house and it will arrive in some cases within 24 hours.

      The down sides are that you can’t delight in your buying experience, you don’t really know what you’ve bought until it arrives and the quality could be dreadful.

      Sizing issues

      Sizing can be a nightmare if you’re buying online. If your dress arrives too small or too short there might not be enough material for your seamstress to alter.

      Potential problems

      There are plenty of horror stories online about brides buying their dress from china websites. To name a few; colour was totally different than advertised, bead work and embellishments fell off after an hour of wearing the dress, the material smelt of fish (low quality materials)

      Plus if you buy online you can’t see how your shoes or any other bridal accessories would look like with it until it arrives. Even if you waited for it to arrive you can’t really take it to a shop to try with other accessories.

      Personal & Independent Bridal Boutique This is me Bridal

      One to one appointment

      Most bridal boutiques are ran on appointment only. This ensures all attention and care is on you and your tribe.

      With us at This Is Me Bridal, during the length of your appointment the boutique is yours and yours only.

      photograph showing the outside of This Is Me Bridal wedding dress southport shop
      photograph showing the outside of This Is Me Bridal wedding dress southport shop

      You’re greeted with a huge smile from our down to earth bridal team. It’s time to get the fizzed poured and get the kettle on. At This Is Me Bridal we create a buzz, oozing with love and happiness.

      photograph showing the interior of This Is Me Bridal wedding dresses southport

      Enjoy the whole experience with your tribe. Feel like a princess filled with excitement and happiness.

      photograph showing the interior of This Is Me Bridal wedding dresses southport

      Our designer wedding dresses are there for you to browse and try on. Don’t feel anxious about trying dresses on as we strongly believe every shape and body size is beautiful.

      Your tribe are free to wonder the store or relax with a glass of prosecco and nibbles and wait for you to come through the curtain.

      photograph showing the interior of This Is Me Bridal wedding dresses southport

      At This Is Me Bridal Southport we have a custom built cat walk. The excitement goes up another level when you walk out as the cat walk is surrounded by your family and friends.

      photograph showing the interior of This Is Me Bridal wedding dresses southport

      It might be the first one you try on or the 6th or 7th. But when you find THE DRESS and you shout the words “This Is Me” it’s time to start adding the bridal accessories.


      Whilst in your dream dress, our fully trained bridal consultants begin to add accessories like veils, tiaras, belts, shoes etc.

      In our boutique we have shelves filled with gorgeous accessories ready for you to try.

      Get your phones out and start snapping away. It’s a magical moment when you find the one.

      Lead times

      Most boutiques including ours don’t offer off the peg dresses. Your dress is made personally for you.

      As your dress is made for you the lead time takes longer usually 20 – 32 weeks. Our wedding dress designers only use the best quality materials and your dress is expertly made by hand with each embellishment stitched together with love.


      Most bridal boutiques will offer an in house alterations service or recommend a trusted service.

      In our store we manage your alterations for you. When your dress arrives, we arrange a try on appointment, again nobody else is in the boutique apart from you and your tribe.

      Our trained consultants then begin to pin any areas that may need altering. Once the alterations are complete, we call you in for a final fitting.

      Once you are happy with everything you can take your dress away with you.

      You’re more than just a till receipt

      We also offer a dress preservation service. After your wedding day bring your dress back to us for cleaning then its all packed away into a luxury linen box.

      With a boutique it is more than just nipping in and buying a wedding dress. It is a total bespoke and personal service. You’re not just another till receipt with us you become part of the family xxx

      We hope our Southport Wedding Dress Guide was helpful.

      this is me bridal wedding dresses southport logo

      For more information about our Southport Wedding Dress Boutique head over to 

      We believe every shape and body size is beautiful! We stock dresses in sizes 8-30.

      You are always greeted with a smile. Grab your tribe and enjoy a glass of fizz in our Fun, Vibrant & Relaxed boutique.